Gulfport HS’s The Voyage wins “Best Yearbook Publication”


On Oct. 26, emotions were high as the “Best Yearbook Publication” award was announced at the MSPA Fall Convention.

“I cried walking to the stage, on the stage, and walking off the stage. I felt so relieved that all of our hard work had paid off and our yearbook was getting the recognition that it so truly deserved! I am beyond proud of myself and the 2022 annual staff of Gulfport High!”  Editor-in-Chief Taylor W. said.

The staff felt an immense amount of emotions, but Alyssa A. felt pride the most.

“I was so overcome with emotion when our yearbook won that title, but the emotion that surpassed that all was pride. I was so proud of our staff for making it to that point and sticking together and operating as a team in order to get there,” Alyssa said. 

The Voyage staff is composed of editors and staff writers. The main editorial positions are Editor-in-Chief, photography editor, design editor, and copy editor. The other editorial positions include business editor, club editor, underclassman editor, upperclassman editor and social media editor. 

“These editors are granted big leadership roles and make main decisions when it comes to the yearbook,” sophomore Sophia S. said.

While on staff, the students are able to gain experience that they can use in their everyday life.

I have learned not only just about writing, designing, and photography, but also teamwork, attention to detail, determination, and leadership. I can carry these skills with me for the rest of my life, no matter what I decide on doing in my career,” Sophia said. “Voyage has given me the opportunity to express my creativity and ideas and also learn so many new skills.”

Before the school year starts, The Voyage has a plan for the yearbook laid out. First, the staff votes on a theme. Their award-winning theme for 2022 was “tessellations.” Then, they make mock pages and design the cover page.

“The main editors choose certain design elements, fonts, and guidelines when it came to photography, design, copy, theme, creativity, and cohesiveness. The editors did their best to make sure everyone stays cohesive and edited as we go,” Taylor said.