Helping Mississippi's students share their stories since 1947.

Helping Mississippi's students share their stories since 1947.


Helping Mississippi's students share their stories since 1947.


Don’t want to start this school year alone?

 We’re the app for that.


Join the Mississippi Scholastic Press Association and network with over 100 other publications across the state of Mississippi.




What is MSPA? 

The Mississippi Scholastic Press Association was founded in 1947 to help student journalists statewide improve their journalistic and communcation skills. We’re housed out of the University of Mississippi, and last year there were over 100 member publications statewide.


 What does it cost? 

MSPA dues are only $25 per publication, per year. Your dues pay for training materials, adviser resources, and the right to compete in all MSPA-sponsored scholastic competitions. It’s also the operating budget for our offices. Individual events will each have small registration fees.


What kinds of trainings are offered?

Our primary purpose is student education. To that end, we offer multiple opportunities for students and advisers to train with industry professionals to improve in a variety of journalistic areas (newspaper, yearbook, broadcast, sports, opinions, public relations, online, socia media, magazine, laws & ethics, etc.). We host regional workshops in the fall where students select an all-day track of study, and we host a statewide convention for all high school journalists in the spring with over 50 different sessions!


What awards & recognitions are available?

We believe in honoring hard work. Putting together publications is a tough task, and we’d like to provide students with a light at the end of that tunnel. We also feel that these awards are, in turn, excellent PR for the schools and communities the students serve.

There are over 50 different catagories in which MSPA offers awards for student excellence. For a complete listing, check out our contests section. We think you’ll find that whether you’re a newspaper, yearbook or broadcast staff, whether you’re an online-only club or a literary magazine with killer poetry, there are awards to be won at MSPA.


Why should we publish? What’s the academic value of a school publication?

A good high school media program is one of the most beneficial things a student can chose to be involved in.

It’s value goes beyond preparing future journalists. Studies show that students who participate in student media fare better on standardized tests, exhibit more critical-thinking skills, and post higher GPAs than their non-journalist classmates.

Additionally, the life-skills of meeting deadlines, communicating with others, writing clearly and effectively, and working as a team are all valuable in any career.


 How can strong journalism help schools with Common Core?

As schools look to the future, programs without clear, identifiable academic value are falling by the wayside. But unlike other traditional school activities, journalism courses are a natural extension (and an excellent reinforcement) of the Language Arts Common Core State Standards. These courses demand non-fiction reading, writing and gathering data, and then applying knowledge to a finished product. … Just like a journalism class. The benefits are huge!