Bruin News Now produces excellent weekly newscasts


The Bruin News Now (BNN) staff produces a weekly newscast and is an important part of the community. Along with the weekly newscasts, the staff started an IMC campaign.

Our staff puts together a weekly newscast which is composed of a newscast, sportscast, weather cast, and news and sports packages. Aside from that, this year I have started working on a marketing campaign,” Lead Sports Reporter Paige Loyacono said. “These videos have given me [the] creative freedom that I have had fun with.”

The staff aims to highlight all aspects of St. Joseph Catholic School.

“Our primary goal for our newscast is to get out the news to our school. We strive to highlight everything that goes on at school from sports news to projects in the classroom,” Loyacono said.

At the MSPA conventions, the staff was able to grow their journalistic skills through workshops.

“MSPA always has helpful sessions to improve personal growth and/or tips to make the newscasts stronger. MSPA is also a great opportunity for classmates to have fun and cultivate fellowship outside of the classroom,” Sports Director Gia Picarella said. 

Being a part of the staff prepares the students for their future careers, whether it is in journalism or not.

“I have learned so much over the years from being a part of the BNN staff. I have learned communication skills that I wouldn’t have obtained if it wasn’t for taking this class,” Loyacono said. “We are on a time constraint each week and sometimes it can be stressful, but journalism has taught me how to work under pressure and still produce quality work.”

Picarella will be able to apply the skills she has learned from being on staff as she attends Louisiana State University (LSU) with a major in broadcast journalism.

“Next fall I am attending LSU  and majoring in broadcast journalism, so I will be utilizing all of the tools St. Joe journalism has equipped me with. I will start LSU already knowing how to produce a package, shoot soundbites, and construct a news script; and that’s all thanks to Mr. Cassreino,” Picarella said.