The Uproar produces 6 outstanding issues a year


Madison Central High School’s newspaper The Uproar produces six issues a year. They have written articles on climate change, the Jackson water crisis, midterm elections, sports, school events, and more.

There are 11 students on staff and five students have leadership positions: co-editor-in-chiefs, social media manager, copy editor, and business manager. The process of producing an issue includes brainstorming, writing articles, designing the layout, distribution, and a mass mail-out. The staff is aiming to improve their publication, such as producing more in-depth reporting.

“We have been trying to make sure that we do more in-depth reporting. We want to [make sure] that we’re covering all angles and getting the right stories at the right time,” co-editor-in-chief Caroline King said.

The staff wants to represent all students in their school and community.

“Our goal for the publication is to reach as many people within our school and touch on as many stories as we can that means something to our students,” King said. “[We want to] expand our staff and broaden our horizons on what we talk about.”

The staff also wants to make improvements with each issue they produce. 

“We’re trying to improve each time that we create the newspaper, we want to make each one better than the last,” co-editor-in-chief Anna Kimbrell said.

Business Manager Brittan McFadden is a vital part of The Uproar by selling ads to print the issues. She is trying to improve more on the brainstorming process.

 “Coming up with different things each issue is difficult, as we have to find things that will still be relevant by the time the distribution comes out,” she said.

Being a part of the staff prepares the students for their future careers, whether it is in journalism or not. Even though King wants to be a nurse, being on staff will help her in the future.

“I love being in a leadership position. The skills that I’ve learned [are] going to help me so much in the future. It’s going to be so helpful with just being a better student,” King said.

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