Tupelo HS’s WTHS Media produces award-winning weekly shows


Tupelo High School’s broadcast WTHS Media produces weekly shows that are an important part of Tupelo HS’s community. Every member of the staff plays a role in the production. Executive Producer Alexis Lacey presides over the production of the weekly shows.

 “The main anchor writes their own scripts, and they make the voice over for the show. Each person works on their own story- do the interviews, transcribe, create the story, and they edit it. I’m the one that puts the show together,” Lacey said. 

WTHS Media’s sports shows are bi-weekly. The regular shows that cover news story and sports are every other week as well. 

“One of my responsibilities is making sure I have all my sports together and making sure that I know what sport goes into which week,”  sports media manager Aaliyah Cooper said.

While producing stories, the staff also learns the fundamentals of broadcast journalism. 

“The leadership in WTHS Media definitely holds a big role in our publication. Often, I enjoy leading the class on how to do certain commands to help our newer students excel in the world of broadcast journalism,” social media manager Thomas Roper said. “These commands include: how to edit, control sound levels, shoot B-roll, and many more.”

WTHS Media is trying to improve for MSPA and to produce their best work.

“For MSPA we’ve been working on making sure our stories are just our best work. We don’t want to just put anything in there,” Lacey said. “We have grown a lot over the past few years, and I feel like we just need to keep going in that direction.”

While being on staff, the students are able to prepare themselves for their future careers. 

“I’m really trying to improve on getting more comfortable. [I want to show] my personality more,” Cooper said. Roper is also trying to improve his on-camera presence. “Practicing with your peers can also expand your on-camera presence while you are reading scripts to them, which helps me tremendously,” Roper said.

Tomorrow, Alexis Lacey will be taking over MSPA’s Instagram stories so follow along @MSPA_MS!