Madison Central’s JNN strives to be an essential part of its community


Jaguar News Network (JNN) is Madison Central High School’s broadcast staff and they produce content about their school and community. The staff aims to be a respected and well-known publication at their school and in their community.

“I want to extend [the content] to a wider audience than just the one we have now because a lot of people at Madison Central don’t really know that we have a newscast. I want to be a very respected newscast not only at our school but in our community as well,” student sports reporter Annalise Kirk student sports reporter said.“I want JNN to be a space where students who are really passionate about broadcast journalism and journalism can come to broaden their strengths and sharpen their skills.”

The staff aims to tell impactful stories.

“I want JNN to be more than just a standard school news publication. I hope JNN can tell human stories that hit closer to home than what’d you see on TV or online,” JNN Correspondent Aidan Thomas said.

A part of MC’s Academy of Multimedia and Communications, JNN covers sports coverage, daily announcements, news, and more. They have made improvements to their segments by making them story-oriented.

“Instead of doing a standard overview of a topic, we have been moving towards creating segments that are more story-oriented. Segments that are more like a mini-documentary,” Thomas said.

JNN Correspondent Rachael Carpenter aims to represent everyone in her school and community in the segments.

“I try [to] reach out to as many people as I can when interviewing. Instead of just like having two people in a segment to interview, I will interview like five,” she said.

JNN has a prominent social media presence and uses the platforms to inform its audience.

“We’d like to inform everything and use social media as long as like as well as YouTube, like we use Instagram, Twitter, and all of that stuff and we have podcasts which are really cool,” Carpenter said.

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