Oxford HS’s The Charger produces award-winning articles


Based in Oxford, The Charger is Oxford High School’s student-led newspaper that has published articles on dress code, COVID-19, financial literacy, and more. Winnie Wilson, the Editor-in-Chief, said that The Charger “[has] a lot of autonomy to write the stories [they] feel passionate about or want to publish. [They] had one issue with the dress code at the beginning of the year, which was a big immediate issue.”

In a school year, The Charger publishes a print edition once a month, with each issue having 16 pages.

“It takes a lot of advising, editing, and designing to ensure the pages are top-notch,” Wilson said.

Of the 16 pages in the issue, one of the pages is an ad page. Selling ads ensures that the staff is able to print issues.

“Over the summer I meet with our clients, go over their needs for the year, and design new ads if they want to rebrand through the upcoming school year,” Business Manager Henry Haley said. He also facilitates transactions and sends invoices to clients.

All of the editors contribute to the production of the paper. Editors are determined based on the years they have been on staff, what they have contributed, and their leadership skills.

“Each editor takes on a section in which [they] are responsible for making sure that everything is designed well, written well, and we also helped cultivate the ideas for those pieces,” Opinion Editor Noah Amidon said. He also posts the articles online and helps design the paper.

The Charger is always trying to improve its newspaper.

“Let’s talk about what actions are being done to combat this, or what can we see as a potential solution, instead of just regurgitating information that we read,” Amidon said.

The Charger is also trying to improve its online presence.

“We typically send a very press-focused newspaper but with society changing, we have been trying to recreate our online [presence],” Wilson said.

Even though Wilson may not work in the journalism field, she has learned “the work ethic in the newsroom, using integrity and being transparent. Those management skills and accountability as a leadership skill is something that [she] will use for the rest of my life.”

Amidon is interested in going into international relations, diplomacy, or international journalism.

“[Having] a large knowledge of the world around me in order to be more informed on those issues, whenever I do write about them, has been something that I care a lot about. It also made me stronger and better suited for that role in my life,” Amidon said.

Haley aims to work in the business and finance sectors. Through The Charger, he has, ”[learned] the procedure of business and the expertise of business and client relations.”

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