Best of MS- Podcast


News Podcast Episode

WINNER: Landon Maynor — St. Joseph Catholic School

Landon seemed very interested in his topic and makes the podcast more of a conversation rather than a “question, answer” thing.


Conversations: Drugs and Alcohol — Oxford High School


Culture/Entertainment Podcast Episode

WINNER: Jag Cast — Madison Central High School

Students did a good bit of research in pre-production. Was more of a discussion based podcast. Pretty even audio and can fit into that “podcast” category.


Kyle Trailor, Daisy Noble, Caslyn Trost, Brynna Williams — Lafayette High School

Jag Cast — Madison Central High School


Sports Podcast Episode 

WINNER: Campbell McNeely — Lewisburg High School

Good production quality, covers a variety of sports.


Sammy Schrecengost — Lewisburg High School

Landon Maynor — St. Joseph Catholic School


Live-Stream On-Air Talent 

WINNER: Luke Sides — DeSoto Central High School

Luke has incredible energy. He knows what he is talking about when running through plays. We thought he was a 30-year-old reporter when we first watched.


Karli Fulwood — Lewisburg High School

Laila Totten — Lewisburg HS

Sammy Shrecengost — Lewisburg HS


Podcast On-Air Talent 

WINNER: Sammy Schrecengost — Lewisburg High School

Great energy. Has an amazing on-camera personality. Memorable. Speaks clearly with enthusiasm.


Tracy and Tracy Show — Lewisburg High School

Gabe Freedman — Madison Central High School

Landon Maynor — St. Joseph Catholic School




Podcast of the Year:

WINNER: Patriot Sports Weekly — Lewisburg High School

Engaging and informative podcast with excellent talent and production quality.


News Podcast 

WINNER: The Bruin Buzz Live— St. Joseph Catholic School

Excellent production quality and relevent content


Culture/Entertainment Podcast 

WINNER: Jag Cast — Madison Central High School

MC picked very interesting topics that they seemed very educated on. They did a lot of research, had good intros to hook the audience and was a great discussion based podcast.


Tracy and Tracy Show — Lewisburg HS


Sports Podcast

WINNER: Patriot Sports Weekly — Lewisburg High School

Very short and sweet reports that pander to a student’s short attention span. Coveres a variety of sports around the school. Good production quality.


Live-Stream Program

WINNER: Lewisburg — Lewisburg High School

Great production quality for a livestream.


DeSoto Central Sports Broadcasting — DeSoto Central High School

Bruin News Now — St. Joesph Catholic School